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iGaming Business Interview - predictions for 2019

iGaming Business Magazine asked Harry to predict the potential highlights of the coming year in the online gambling space:-

1. What were the defining developments or events of 2018?

The progression of US States and their toe tipping efforts towards regulation remains one to watch, if not the atom bomb everyone has been hoping for. However the big development in terms of the long term well being and prosperity of the industry must be Sky Bet's impressive efforts as the front runner in responsible gaming. Bet 365 and Paddy Power Betfair should have done it, Stars Group could have done it but Sky Bet did it - and for that they deserve their plaudits.

2. How do you see these continuing to shape the igaming space in 2019?

The 'If the fun stops, stop' campaign is great but still has the feel of lip service whilst Sky Bet have made player protection a core strategy and invested accordingly through the line. In 100 years, whatever form of digital gaming exists will be in a better place as a result.

3. What do you see as the biggest challenges ahead for the sector in 2019?

The consolidation in the affiliate sector is great for some hardworking affiliates who have sold up to the networks but as a channel affiliation has been pricing itself out of the market and needs some adjustment to get back some of the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that made it so attractive in the first place. Hearty competition in regulated markets is making it harder to make a quick dollar in gaming which may not be a bad thing but we still lack true innovation at a product level - hopefully the squeeze of hundreds of competitors will be the mother of invention in 2019. Finally A.I. has moved from being a buzz word to becoming an essential tool with practical outputs so expect to see some fairly essential data trends coming to the forefront this year.

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