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Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy, said this about 'Brands, Bandwagons & Bullshit': -

"I noticed that this book ingeniously starts with a glossary - which was recommendation enough. But it gets even better from there on. I am really enjoying this".

Dr. Kuttimani Tamilmani, B.Eng, MBA, PhD. 

Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences, University of Bradford  

"Brands, Bandwagons & Bullshit is a no-nonsense practical guide to anyone who aspires for a marketing career. It should appeal to academics and consultant-practitioners alike. The book is easy to follow especially for students with wide coverage of topics starting from 'What is marketing?' to 'Writing a marketing strategy' and it includes practical case studies". 

Danny Denhard, CMO, Marketing & Growth Coach. Founder of 'Must Reads' newsletter:-

"A gripping and no-nonsense take on the complex world of marketing and how to navigate for success. This is a passionate and actionable guide for the elite marketers of the future". 

Reverend Andrew Lightbown, Rector, Winslow Benefice

"This is a book that demands to be read: professional and practical, humorous and honest. Harry Lang clearly cares not only about the industry, but the people who comprise the industry. In a very real sense, and apologies for the religious sounding language, this book is concerned with the telling of truths. It is both pastoral and prophetic. What you get with Harry is the wisdom of a seasoned professional, someone who how knows how to be themselves but with skill, someone who refuses to ride every bandwagon for short term gain, and who knows the difference between healthy manure and the pernicious stench of bullshit"

Ryan Murton, Director of Organic Acquisition,

"This is a must read for me. A truly reflective life example on how to succeed in this dog-eat-dog industry. I resonate with it alot". 


Harry is a keen writer who has previously written two novels, Parabolic and Try Morality. 

They are both available to buy on Amazon here


3 months left to live, 90 grand to spend. What would you do? Follow AJ and Bench on their downward trajectory

Meet AJ - he's 26, having a blast and certifiably dead from cancer within the next few months. He's also an atheist, so his hopes for a party in the afterlife are slim to none. He's stolen the money raised by friends for his chosen charity in the hope of living a life before it all ends. This is his story.

Meet Bench - AJ's friend, cohort and the kind of irresponsible wanker parents dread. He's AJ's backup as the pair disappear around the world.

Meet Polly - AJ's ex girlfriend. To most people, he was punching well above his weight anyway.

Meet Matty - AJ's best friend. He's not that pleased with what the guys are up to, but knows that AJ needs to work out what he's going to do with his life, what's left of it.

This is Parabolic. AJ's life story in it's tragic brevity. Follow his spiral into debauchery and excess as he struggles to work out how to finish his existence on his own terms.

Parabolic reminds us all how important even the tiniest things can be.

Try Morality

"The Play of life,
Is, in fact
Entirely based
On how you act".

Try Morality is a novel of ten stories, each themed around many and varied moral quandaries. Starting in the trenches of Thiepval in World War 1 you'll meet Chappy Snowden, a man for whom life is worth considerably less than the value of a friendship. You'll then move to a post-apocalyptic future where Ishmael’s role as a Moral Guardian among four hundred survivors is to ascertain where mankind’s moral compass should point.

Next, Soren Kam - an SS Officer escaping Berlin with his lover Luna and friend, fellow Nazi Obersturmführer Herman. It’s Luna’s moral choices that Ishmael is asked to observe and arbitrate in the future.

You’ll also get to meet these characters and more along the way:-

  • A father destroyed by the rape of his teenage daughter, intent on the most hideous revenge imaginable

  • Lucy Foulds, a pensioner poet unable to unburden herself from childhood abuse

  • Grant Schwartz – a gambling entrepreneur who wants to take down the Billionaire classes

  • Oswald Cunting Dory, a Tourette’s sufferer with OCD trying to get his friends out of a stereotype

  • The director of R&D for British American Tobacco – enacting a lifelong plan to end big Tobacco

  • Simon Pendecker – a British spy turned deep cover estate agent. He’s James Bond, if Bond were an utter bastard

‘Try Morality’ is David Mitchell meets Douglas Coupland with a smattering of Julian Barnes and the subterfuge of Irvine Welsh.

Try Morality is fun in parts, sad in others and occasionally drops into the dark, where at its core it holds a moral ambiguity that is the essence of everyone’s lives.

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