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The Collective's Trewint Street Development & their 'friends' in the Wandsworth Plan

Here's my letter to Dr. Allin-Khan, our Tooting MP and below, my live blog from the planning meeting related to a modern farce. Starring a dodgy gang of developers known as 'The Collective' and some nefarious decision making within Wandsworth's planning committee on 25th July 2019. The committee is apparently unbelievably dense or has an ulterior motive - history will judge which.

Dear Dr. Allin-Khan,

I’m writing to you with reference to the above development which was waved through by Wandsworth’s planning committee last week. Having read your emails on the subject I’m aware that you supported the local residents in our vociferous objection to this project.

Having attended the planning committee meeting in person on Thursday 25th July, I was frankly appalled at the callous, half hearted, lacklustre and ill-judged manner in which my local council politicians on the committee manage their affairs and the affairs of their constituents.

I’ve attached (below) my incredulous live commentary from the meeting. It was clear that the result was a foregone conclusion despite the passionate representation made by both Tory and Labour counsellors speaking on our behalf.

It was also clear that the developers, next to me in the public gallery were confident that their future revenue was ensured before the meeting began. Having to watch them Hi-5 each other outside the town hall as I pondered the next couple of years of heavy trucks on the street my family lives on and subsequent community impact of 300 new residents using our street for their only access to the station was a new low in my opinion of politicians and the political process.

Hearing the ex-Mayor ramble on about key workers, enjoying the sound of his own voice made me wonder how many single night shift nurses are going to want to make dinner at 7am in a kitchen shared with 297 other people? Plus, I found out this Labour bastion apparently lives nowhere near our community – no, he’s in a £2million house off Northcote road...

The rank hypocrisy, hubris and ignorance shown by this unit of elected timewasters was astounding. I always vote for finding jobs for the deficient and unemployable, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

Please continue fighting on our behalf – even if only to reduce the 8 story tower’s height to 5 as was repeatedly recommended. I’m pretty sure I’ll be selling up and moving out or abroad – this isn’t what I signed my family up for but others won’t have this opportunity – they deserve to have their voices heard, just not by the collection of muppets waiting for their future payoff on the planning committee.

Many thanks in advance


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