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The boredom of Brexit and the bureaucrats we can blame

(Q&A for SBC Gaming News, heavily redacted from this original version)

There are some words which have fallen dramatically out of favour. ‘Moist’ is commonly cited as undesirable and the name ‘Savile’ has taken some fairly deplorable connotations. Put together, ‘Love Island’ is enough to make all but the hardiest fans nauseous. Now we can add ‘Brexit’ to that list, if for no other reason than the UK public is so incredibly bored of hearing it mentioned. Not only that, but the near perfect divide in the referendum means that for every Leaving bore there is an equal and opposite Remoaner, so ultimately a million meaningless, ill-conceived arguments are blathered daily on this greyest of grey subjects.

SBC asked me to voice an opinion myself to add to this mire of absurdity. Their question was A/ whether the UK’s political landscape will change post Brexit and B/ will we see some new political faces come to the fore in the ensuing and aftermath?

On the former, the answer is inevitably yes. Whatever happens, whether the Labour Hail Mary efforts to ostracise their core voters in order to attract despondent Tory voters through a second referendum comes to fruition, we will see a paradigm shift in the political landscape.

What it will ultimately look like I have no clue. Who it’s populated by, I have some idea.


This sub-species of political vermin are the cause of and afterbirth of every political mistake since Caesar turned his back on Gaius Cassius Longinus and his treacherous senate brethren. Bureaucrats live on as human detritus in Parliament, in Brussels (especially in Brussels) and beyond and their sole purpose seems to be confusing and obfuscating the political process to benefit themselves. Every scandal, scam and flimflam in Britain’s political history eventuates with a population of losers and one consistent winner – those politicians who stay in cosy jobs with generous salaries and deep expense accounts. Brexit is their Valhalla – a perfect storm of public outcry and confusion with no rational solution. The end result will be a mess of public perplexity and bafflement that will take years to untangle.

Wonderful, cash generating years for those very same bureaucrats with Joe Public UK picking up the tab.

The British voters only have themselves to blame for the state of the political nation. It’s worth remembering that we’ve created an absurd, media puppet show of a political environment in which walking erection Boris Johnson started to look like a legitimate opposition leader (although that may be as much due to the neatness in which he’d dovetail with the orange merkin preening himself on the other side of the Atlantic).

Some things never change, but perhaps with more eyes on these golden bubble dwelling sycophants, maybe one day they will.

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