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What an unsuccessful Netflix job application looks like (that doesn't even warrant an automated

To whom it may concern,

I recognise that my professional experience isn’t as closely aligned as other applicants to that which you’ve outlined in the Global Creative Marketing Director JD, however I wanted to share 13 Reasons Why I believe I’d be a great fit for this role.

  1. My track record in online gaming covers a significant amount of global marketing and social campaigns for premium entertainment businesses. After an inauspicious start in agency marketing 18 years ago (A Series of Unfortunate Events led me to order 20,000 cigarette lighters in the wrong hue of blue) I found my feet and have been an advocate and proponent of creative strategy and integrated campaign delivery ever since.

  2. My life has revolved around 360-campaign planning, from the acorn to The OAk for nigh on two decades now.

  3. My background across all popular social platforms, mobile, video and display and narrative capability is best expressed in the regular features I write for Campaign, Marketing Week and the gaming press, plus two (readable, but as yet unpublishable) novels. For a commercially astute marketer I’m Atypical in that the creative side of my brain functions with an equal fury.

  4. I understand the UK entertainment landscape more from the consumer standpoint so in this respect I’d need to fill in the gaps One Day at a Time however having come from an agency background I’m well placed to facilitate and nurture the best creative thinking.

  5. My cross-functional leadership style is to lead from the front. I haven’t got a Big Mouth but feel I speak with conviction and confidence, loud enough to be listened to and I like being at the coalface and bringing my teams on the journey with me.

  6. I see data and insights as essential weapons in the poker game of business – more information leads to better decision making, test & learn scenarios are better than going all in and if my rivals are holding a full house, I better be sure I’ve got a Fuller House.

  7. I’m confortable presenting to all levels and feel a positive Glow at seeing a previously disjointed group merging into the same shared opinion.

  8. In my most recent position as Exec Marketing Director at Pinnacle my market reach was 140+ countries. With a multi-channel strategy spread that wide there’s always a risk of being a jack of all trades, Master of None but with astute localisation and optimised, flexible campaign delivery I believe each market can feel thy are being treated individually.

  9. If ATL, Social and PR are the glory boys, reaching everyone and requiring the target audience to proactively show their interest then analytics allow the Mindhunter channels of digital, affiliate marketing and CRM to shine in equal measure.

  10. The wonderful thing about the pace of tech development is we have absolutely no idea what’s coming next, only confidence in the pace in which it’s coming. This requires a Daredevil attitude and agile team mentality to leap on opportunities, test ideas quickly and roll out success stories rapidly.

  11. I’m a lover of clever satire, the prescient dark humour of Brooker’s Black Mirror enthrals me and Arrested Development is, and will remain, the most well-written TV series™ in my lifetime.

  12. I thrive in fast paced, multifaceted environments and my apparently undiagnosed ADHD means I get bored with the status quo. Friends from College would describe me as a constant source of unusual ideas with the occasional gem shining from the rough.

  13. I love this job, it’s what I’ve been searching for - and whilst I’m certain my application will be placed in a pile marked ‘lacks sector experience’ I’d like to come in and prove that I’m a risk worth taking. After all, Stranger Things have happened…

Best regards,


Harry Lang

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