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Is it time to update your brand architecture?

The world's best brands aren't at the top of the recall, respect and success leader boards by accident. They constantly reinvest in themselves to stay fresh, relevant and exciting to an ever changing and expanding audience of customers.

Starting with the foundations, a brand architecture starts with a Mission Statement. From this paragraph defining the goals and objectives of the brand you expand into a positioning statement and brand personality. This triptych acts as a tripod for your brand's tone of voice, copy style and design style. Your logo, if it needs updating, is the cherry on top and if you feel a strapline is beneficial in certain media then you can summarise your mission in a catchy manner to appeal to the glancing eyeballs of potential customers.

You might be running Apple or (more likely) a growing digital business. Either way, you have the responsibility to your brand to create solid, impactful guidelines.

It's about consistency.

In every media, every day you'll be able to speak with one voice, look the same way and act as a singular entity. And once you're doing that, every single penny of your marketing spend will perform better.

This isn't hard sell sales speak, its universal truth proven by every brand you can name.

So if you think your business is lagging behind, a brand refresh might be just what you need.

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