The Essential Marketing Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand How Marketing,
Advertising, PR & Media Work - From Graduates Planning Their Career To Flummoxed Professionals

Brands, Bandwagons & Bullshit’ by Harry Lang is available to buy as a paperback and ebook on Amazon. It was written to help anyone considering a career in Marketing, Advertising, Media or PR and for those who want to learn, from the ground up, how these creative disciplines work.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy, said: -


"I noticed that this book ingeniously starts with a glossary - which was recommendation enough. But it gets even better from there on.

I'm really enjoying it".


‘Part 1: Getting Started’ covers the basics of strategy, channel marketing and the things you need to know before applying for your first job whilst ‘Part 2 – The Marketing Bit’ branches out into the strategy, tactics and campaigns that brands employ to give them an edge (or sometimes get it very, very wrong).

This isn’t a ‘self-help’ marketing book, nor does it profess to hold all the answers. It’s a brutally honest account of the marketing world that will help you avoid making the same mistakes as the author.

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